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Welcome to CKA

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Why us?

Qualified Instructors

Not all martial arts studios are created equal. Here at California Karate Academy we provide full-time black belt instruction for every class as well as leadership opportunities for our karate kids and parents.

Modern Studio

Nothing shoddy here. Our martial arts studio has nice mats, new, clean gear, and a positive karate environment for learning.  

Positive Learning Environment

Children enjoy learning when the activity is fun. We keep them engaged and focused, challenging them with dynamic, exciting, and positively structured karate classes.

Trial Classes

Our Programs

Tiny Champions (3-4 years old)

A Tiny Champion kicking a karate pad while his instructors watch. Best little martial artist ever!

Our Tiny Champions karate program is the precursor to our Little Dragons program. The goal is to develop our very youngest members in small sized, high instructor-to-student ratio classes which focus on listening and following instructions, self-discipline, etiquette  and manners, and learning the basics of what will be expected of them as they advance through the ranks and in life.

Little Dragons (4.5-6 years old)

A group of kids doing their best at their karate belt test. This group is ages 4-6.

Our Little Dragons karate classes build off of what students have learned in the Tiny Champions program. They continue to develop better focus and concentration, improve their listening skills, and advance their self-control and discipline. On top of that, they continue to expand their physical skills -- balance, coordination, focus of sight and basic self-defense. 

Karate Kids (7-12 years old)

A bunch of our karate kids posing for a photo after completing their martial arts belt test.

Starting at 7 years old, our karate kid students enter the traditional Black Belt pathway where they take all of their physical and mental skills to the next level of their martial arts journey. They continue to develop physical skills like flexibility, core stability, balance, coordination, and focus of sight while also learning more complex forms and higher level self-defense. On top of that they continue to work on their mental development, increasing their mindfulness, improving their discipline and grades in school, nurturing a respectful attitude, and improving their self-image and confidence. They also unplug from their electronic devices which is integral for the proper development with this generation of children and young adults.

Family Classes (7 years & older)

a group of our family class students posing with their best karate stance after successfully completing their martial arts belt test.

A family that kicks together sticks together. Our family karate classes are the coolest way for families to train with each other. In these classes parents and children enter the mats as peers, increasing their quality time together, sharing memorable moments, conquering hardships and developing healthy familial habits. These family martial arts classes give families the opportunity to set and achieve goals together, strengthening the familial unit.

Black Belt Club

A group of our karate kids in the family class holding their nunchaku while they wait for instruction from their black belt instructors.

Black belt club is an invite only program for our martial arts students who excel in their training and want to commit to learning more advanced techniques. In addition to learning weapons forms, kids 10 and older can train up to 2 days a week in our separate Brazilian jiu-jitsu Academy next door. Karate and Jiu-Jitsu?! Pretty rad.

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