Jessica M.

Ms Mikita puts so much time and effort and positive energy into this studio that I am amazed every time I bring my sone to class. How they motivate and focus the kids and teach them so many skills while keeping it fun is tiring just to watch. They also offer so many options to parents like Ninja Nights, pickup from Stars Montessori, family classes and adult classes, birthday parties, and day camps for school holidays. My son is small for his age but he's proud of his skills and I like the "Yess ma'am!!" that sometimes carries over outside of the studio.

Gloriann Q.

This place is fantastic and the instructors are soooo good with the kids! My son has learned leadership, focus, discipline, pride, and most importantly confidence by going here. They reiterate to the kids how important it is to listen to parents and their teachers, not just in karate. I'm a single mom and the instructors here are more than that, they are my backups. All the kids know if they don't listen also at home and in school they will go back in belt colors and that's a big deal to them! I had my sons 6th birthday party at the karate studio and everyone had a blast. My son's smiling cutting his birthday cake with a samurai sword was priceless!!

Fer O.

We started karate because this place opened and was very convenient. We love it! What great instructors, Mikita and Master Courage, they are amazing teachers with kids. We have a 3 year old and he attends 30 minute sessions up to three times a week. We even did a Ninja Night (parent's night out) where we took our older 5 year old son and they had a blast. This is a great karate academy.

Timothy E.

Our son just began classes here and is having a blast. He is learning self discipline, maintaining focus, and developing self defense techniques. The instructors ensure the students are engaged in learning and striving to do their personal best. I highly recommend this Academy for all ages and levels.

Ed M.

My daughter and I have know Master Karl for over 10 years and Ms Mikita nearly 7. In my opinion there are no more impactful and positive mentors and role models that you could have your child train under. My daughter started at 3 1/2 with Master Karl and trained consecutively for over 7 1/2 years achieving her Black Belt degree. She loved the energy, the engagement, the challenge, and the ability to achieve an increased sense of self every time she was able to earn a new colored belt. The focus on the studio to build charachter, learn proper Tang Soo Do technique, and to always put your best effort forward has provided my daughter with the foundation to be an excellent student, leader in her church youth program, valued member of her school volleyball team, and a very personal and positive 15 year old that is just a joy to be around.

Christine L.

I was looking for a good activity to help build confidence for my 3 year old. After his first 30 minute class I saw a difference in his listening skills, his language, and his confidence. A few months in now, and I'm so pleased with the balance they have struck with all of the kids there. All the coaches have incredible patience with the kiddos and adjust to each kiddo's need; allowing parents out on the mats to help when needed and stepping in for parents if kiddo is becoming too dependent on them.  They mix skills and fun, and instill discipline whenever needed as well. I truly cannot say enough wonderful things about this place: Happy to have found found them.