Studio Announcements


No physical/in person classes this week or next 3/23/2020

We wanted to remind everyone that we are still in lockdown and will not be conducting the private lessons scheduled this week and next however we are excited to announce our Zoom classes are online and it’s time to clear a space in your living room to practice your Tang Soo Do Skills.

We appreciate everyones patience while we navigate this down time. We want our studio to be able to survive after life returns to normal and the only way we can do this is through your continued support. Here are some of the activities available while we wait to get back in regular classes.

Zoom Classes, Group & Private

Online Lessons begin 3/25

Personal Meeting Room

Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 961 439 1942

Zoom Classes online

We are now offering group classes online through Zoom. We hope when the parks re-open to hold small classes outside as well.

Our Zoom lessons will be 30 minutes at a time and count as a class attendance 

Zoom classes are scheduled for the following times;

4 - 6 year olds (first years, white through stripe purple)

3:30 pm Monday, Wednesday

4 - 6 year olds BBC/blue striped and higher/7 years and older white through senior orange belt

4:15 pm Monday, Wednesday

Purple & Blue

5:00 pm Monday, Wednesday

Green Belts and senior (Brown, Red, Cho Dan Bo, Dans)

We are scheduling small private and semi-private lessons through Zoom for our most senior students who need the most attention.  Please text or call 760-522-2091 to schedule this personally with BSBN Mikita

This schedule is in its beta so we may find additional or alternative times for classes moving forward. We may also expand or contract this schedule depending on sizes of class participation.

Craft Build a Dojang (studio) Challenge

We are also doing a “Craft/build a Dojang Challenge” using any material in your home, yard, etc. 

It can be flat as in a drawing or can be three dimensional such as a popsicle stick or sugar cube build.

 You can use any material to achieve this - use your imagination. Ask yourself (or your child) while you build your conceptual Dojang- is it a single room and simple? Is there more than one training floor? Is it multilevel? Does it have dressing rooms and showers? Maybe wood floors instead of mats? What is on the walls? Color scheme? The ideas are endless…

Your only limitation is your creativity. Once you have finished your studio then send us a video or you showing off the space (be descriptive!). What goes on there? What are classes like? Who trains there? Who teaches?  

We will be posting your video (with parent permission) on our youtube channel for all to see and we will have our students vote on the following;

  • Which was the most creative?
  • Which seems the most likely to be built?
  • Which would you want to train in?

All three winners will get a $25 pro-shop gift certificate to do some shopping when the studio is opened up again. This is a great multi-day project for the whole family. We cannot wait to see what everyone creates.