Studio Announcements


We are hoping to be able to return to private and semi-private lessons in person Starting June 1st.

We appreciate everyones patience while we navigate this down time. We want our studio to be able to survive after life returns to normal and the only way we can do this is through your continued support. Here are some of the activities available while we wait to get back in regular classes.

Zoom Classes, Group & Private

Online Lessons begin 3/25

Personal Meeting Room

Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 961 439 1942

Password: Our password was sent out in an email titled Zoom Class Times for Karate & BJJ. If you did not receive that email or can't find it then contact us and we will provide it for you.

Students will be placed in waiting rooms until classes begin for security reasons, if you are more than 5 minutes late to class you will not be let in.

Zoom Classes online

We are now offering group classes online through Zoom. We hope when the parks re-open to hold small classes outside as well. Our Zoom lessons will be 30 minutes at a time and count as a class attendance. Zoom classes are scheduled for the following times:


4 - 6 year olds (first years, white through stripe purple)

3:30 pm Monday, Wednesday

4 - 6 year olds BBC/blue striped and higher/7 years and older white through senior orange belt

4:15 pm Monday, Wednesday

Purple & Blue

5:00 pm Monday, Wednesday

Green Belts (group class)

3:00 pm Tuesday

10:30 am Saturday

Brown Belts (group class)

4:30 pm Tuesday

9:00 am Saturday

Red Belts (group class)

3:40 pm Tuesday

10:00 am Saturday

All students 7 years and older can attend any class beneath their current rank to work on junior material.


All karate students can attend our jiu-jitsu classes. They focus on character lessons, calisthenics, core strengthening, and jiu-jitsu based movements

Monday 04/13 @ 5:45pm

Tuesday 04/14 @ 5:45pm

Wednesday 04/15 @ 2:45pm

Craft Build a Dojang (studio) Challenge

Great job to everyone who submitted a Dojang for our challenge.  We will be reviewing these submissions over the next week and will announce results May 15th.